Friday, April 20

Pub Theology

Time: 7:30 pm

Enjoy spirited, open conversation about topics of faith! Come prepared to join a conversation where the focus is not on “right answers” but instead on growing in wisdom and Christian fellowship. Participants are expected to listen respectfully and engage considerately with one another. Guests are welcome! The gathering takes place in a semi-private room at Boombozz Pizza on 116th Street, just east of Cumberland Road in Fishers. Full menu service is available and separate checks will be issued.

The topic: How Do We Speak of Hell?

God’s people had questions about what we usually call “hell” long before Jesus took on earthly flesh. Images of religious artwork and the rhetoric of street preachers call to mind the eternal suffering of fire, supervised by Satan himself. But, how do believers in a God of love and grace who live on this side of the resurrection speak of hell? Recently, the Presiding Bishop of the ELCA answered an interview question by saying that if there is a hell, she thinks it’s empty. This raised concerns among those who understand hell as integral to the witness of the bible and Christian faith. But, how do we speak of hell? Join us for some conversation and exploration of how contemporary Christians understand and speak of hell – and what that means for our relationship with God and one another. 

Pre-Reading is not required, but you are invited to explore 4 different voices from a variety of Christian traditions who have thoughtfully reflected upon the matter of hell. You might want to highlight or underline statements that are helpful or troubling, and bring a copy to the conversation we share at Pub Theology!

4 Theologians on Hell

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