Friday, July 13

Pub Theology

Time: 7:30 pm

Boombozz Pizza in Fishers
Enjoy spirited, open conversation about topics of faith! Come prepared to join a conversation where the focus is not on “right answers” but instead on growing in wisdom and Christian fellowship. Participants are expected to listen respectfully and engage considerately with one another. Guests are welcome! The gathering takes place in a semi-private room at Boombozz Pizza on 116th Street, just east of Cumberland Road in Fishers. Full menu service is available and separate checks will be issued.
This month's topic: Heaven
Pop Culture's view of heaven fills our minds with images of beautiful angels playing harps on floating clouds. But, is that really what Christians are to expect after we die? Join the conversation about what the bible actually says (and doesn't say) concerning heaven and eternal life.

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