Wednesday, March 20

Dinner Church

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

You're Invited to...


Together we'll...
set the table, prepare and pass the food, explore God's Word, share in conversation, sing and pray, share the Lord's Supper, and clean up together


What's Dinner Church?
When the first generation of Christ-followers gathered to worship, it was around a meal. Songs were sung, prayers were shared and stories of Jesus were told as people ate and drank together. At some point, the meal would morph into a celebration of THE meal, as bread and wine were consecrated and the body and blood of Christ was shared by the believers. The table is a powerful image for Christians – for we meet Christ and one another in the meal. Join us during Lent on Wednesday evenings for Dinner Church where we will create holy space to dwell together with Christ and each other.

Building Community
Instead of a quick dinner and then a worship service, the whole evening of Dinner Church is built around the table. We'll gather to set the table, prepare and pass the food, share in conversation, sing and pray, explore God’s Word, share in the Lord’s Supper and clean up together. Working together unites us as a community and brings us closer to God.

Though not required, reservations let us know how many people to plan for and if anyone in your party has special dietary needs. Smucker's Uncrustables PB&J and a vegetarian option will be provided each week. We cannot accommodate every restriction; however, we will follow up with anyone who lists a dietary restriction to see how we may assist you.

When should I arrive?
We begin worship by working together to prepare food for the meal and to set the tables. Arrive any time between 6 and 6:30 pm.

How long is Dinner Church?
Worship concludes with a final prayer after clean-up around 8 pm.

Are children welcome at Dinner Church?
Absolutely! The flow of Dinner Church is flexible and will allow for movement and participation by children. Some simple table activities are provided. Childcare is available for babies 2 months old through children currently in preschool any time after the meal.

Is Holy Communion part of Dinner Church?

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