Sunday, July 15

Holding Your Family Together

Time: 10:00 am – 10:40 am

Sundays, June 24 - August 5 (no class on July 8)
Room 130s
Imagine a home where every person feels loved, valued and heard. Imagine a family that seeks God’s wisdom, will and Word together. Holding Your Family Together is a workable, powerful plan to draw your family close together and close to God. It's based on a simple nightly routine: Share, Read, Talk, Pray, Bless. This routine is FAITH5, and it has transformed families of all ages and situations.
During the week, you'll read from the book and watch a short video of Dr. Rich Melheim, Faith5 founder, sharing stories and wisdom about the benefits of Faith5 at whatever time works best for you. We'll come together for conversation and questions on Sunday mornings. Come to as many classes as your summer schedule allows. Children in 5th grade and up are invited to attend the class with you. Childcare is available for children 4th grade and younger with preregistration.

Holding Your Family Together is available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles or other retailers.

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