Mondays | 7 pm | 130s
Make up sessions begin at 6:30 pm

Ever wanted to read through the whole bible? Many people begin this journey…but far fewer make it all the way through. That’s because the Bible is actually a very complex library of books! Books written over thousands of years in various styles by many different writers facing different situations. But you CAN read it all…and understand it better than you ever have by jumping into the Crossways Bible Study, taught by Pastor Brian. 

Crossways is a two-year, weekly bible study - we meet Monday evenings during the school year, with summers off. It’s different because it utilizes images alongside the text to help you connect and remember important themes from the text.

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The complete student package cost is $104.95. Includes Student Manuals 1-6 and Student Workbooks 1-6. This price is a 20% savings when purchased as a complete set! You will also receive a copy of the fold-out Biblical Telltale Timeline for free!


If you are not able to join the class in person, please use the zoom link below to join virtually: