Friday, October 23

Pub Theology ONLINE

Time: 8 pm

Fridays in October
All ages welcome at this “virtual pub”!

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Meeting ID: 886 9013 1456

It’s no secret that the current political climate of our nation is deeply divided as we approach a contentious election. How does the church speak and act in ways that can foster healing and engagement instead of deepening division? 

This will NOT be a time of endorsing or campaigning for particular candidates, parties or platforms – instead, we will seek to elevate the conversation toward the important conversations that need to happen at the intersection of faith and public discourse. 

Conversation topics will focus around “Letters to the Church” by William Kincaid, a professor at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. Kincaid avoids the trappings of the red/blue divide by observing how the overall political climate has moved us in unhealthy directions. His encouragement to people of faith is to remember what matters, and to engage in respectful, loving dialogue from the heart of our faith, and the possibilities for our nation. 

Participants are invited to, but do not need to read the book. Several copies are available upon request from Pastor Brian, or the book can be purchased here:




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