Saturday, September 19

Nativity Movie - Cast of Players

Time: 12:00 am – 11:59 pm

Lights. Camera. Action! We are making a Nativity movie!

One key aspects of our Nativity worship has been that the wonderful Christmas story is told by the children and youth through story and song. We don’t know what our in-person worship will be like in December and we very much want to continue the tradition of this story being told through the eyes of the children, so we are making our own Nativity movie! We even have a filming location in Noblesville with a barn and live animals! It’s going to be a glorious celebration of the birth of the Christ child to be shared with many on Christmas Eve!

This is a big project and there are many steps to put it together. The first step will be to film the children playing the nativity parts and acting out the story. We will have a separate registration sent for music parts including prelude musicians and youth band.

Filming Day for Nativity Players is September 19  (rain date, September 26)

·        We do not have a final schedule for filming and will let you know when it's complete.

·        If you have a conflict that day (sport game or other activity), please note the time that you are unavailable on your registration. We will do our best to accommodate everyone that wants to participate.

·        Filming is off-site at a farm in Noblesville with a barn and live animals (including a real donkey!)

Nativity Cast of Players

·        Various parts in the Nativity story will be played by children (preschool age - 6th grade)

·        Children can request to play any part. There are no speaking parts.

·        We will contact you with additional details about filming times, assigned roles, costumes, props, etc.)

·        Kids in the same family may be grouped together for filming to assist us in maintaining safe social distancing.

Costumes (some parts provide their own/some provided):

·        Shepherds – jeans or khakis, plaid shirt (colors of blue, green, brown earth type tones), cowboy hat/boots (if you have them)

·        Townspeople/Inn Keepers – street clothes (pants/skirts), scarves, hats, boots (colors of blue, green, brown earth type tones)

·        Angels – costumes provided

·        Barn Animals – may provide own farm type animal costume or we have preschool sizes on hand to be worn over jean/khakis, leggings.

Social distancing will be required.

·        Children will wear masks when they are in close proximity to other children.

·        Filming will be scheduled so that children can remove masks (while properly social distanced) for short periods of filming.

Parents must wear masks at all times and are expected to stay with their children or have another responsible adult to supervise them during filming.

Questions - contact Robin Patras.


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