Advent Spiritual Practice – Lectio Divina

Need a kick-start for your devotional habit?
Looking for some sacred time during this busy season?
Always wanted to make scripture reading and reflection part of your routine, but weren’t sure where to start? 

You are invited to participate in a simple but profound practice of prayer and scripture reading this Advent Season! Click the link below for everything you need to engage in Lectio Divina…an ancient, but very accessible practice of reading and reflecting on God’s Word.

Each weekly posting will feature scriptures from Sunday’s worship, and guide you through 3 steps - listen, ponder and pray. Utilize the comments area to share your insights, and respond to others as we connect with God and one another through this online encounter. You can do this in just a few minutes, or linger longer – whenever it fits in your schedule. New posts with the weekly texts will be added each Saturday.

Give it a try by clicking here!