Make Your Own ADVENTure Kit

An ADVENTure Kit is a new spin on some old favorite holiday traditions. The kit is designed to encourage households of all ages and stages to experience growing in faith together as you journey through Advent to Christmas morning. Some of the activities include an Advent Wreath, daily FAITH5 with an Advent word of the day and scripture reading, Shine the Light weekly activity suggestions. You can use one part of the kit, do all the activities or even incorporate your own traditions. A special part of the kit is a package to open first on Christmas day. This year’s present was a baby Jesus ornament for the tree.

ADVENTure Kit Guide

Faith5 Table Top Card

Advent Words & Scriptures

You can provide your own special wrapped gift to place under the tree and put this message on the gift:

Open me first on Christmas Day!
Christmas is full of excitement! Before opening gifts, read the final Advent word and verse for December 25, then say the following prayer and hang me on your tree.

Christmas Day Prayer
Dear God, On this Christmas Day we thank you for the best gift of all – baby Jesus being born to be our Savior. Help us always to stay rooted in your love and to grow branches of kindness and love for others. Amen