COVID Guidelines for Church Activities 

July - August 10, 2021


  • Mask guidelines
    • Masks are welcome
    • Masks for vaccinated individuals are optional
    • If you have not been vaccinated we encourage you to wear a mask
  • Social distance seating is available in the worship center
    • Center seats are arranged in rows that are spaced 6 feet apart.
    • To maintain social distancing in row seating, simply leave 4 seats between households.
    • Chairs on the sides of the room are set in household groupings that are 6 feet apart
  • Communion Distribution
    • Beginning July 25, a new Communion option is available.
      • Attendees may remain seated and partake of Communion.
      • New option - Attendees may bring their own Communion elements forward in a household group to a table in the front (using side aisles, directed by ushers), pastor pronounces – The Body of Christ given for you – The Blood of Christ shed for you
  • Serving food at a church activity
    • All food served must be prepackaged, or an individualized food order (no buffet serving lines or open trays of food)