The first few months of 2020 we are going to be focused on Mapping Your Spiritual Journey. The first step in taking a journey is having a map, and knowing how to read it. The Bible is the map that God provides for our journey through life – but we can all use some help in utilizing that map most effectively.

Haven’t picked up a copy of “Help! My Bible is Alive!” yet?  We’re sold out at church, but here is some information on where and how you can get a copy:

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If you are interested in exploring further, join the conversation about the book “Help! My Bible is Alive!” and explore some of the particulars of how Lutheran Christians read the bible.  All are welcome to this conversation, hosted by John & Melanie Owen in the 130’s from 10-10:40 am in between worship services each Sunday.  Child care is available!

When’s the last time you shopped for a Bible? 


Perhaps you’ve got one you’ve used for years like the one you were presented with as a child…or maybe you’ve never taken the leap, but now’s the time! You need a bible that will set you up for success and equip you for deeper engagement.

The sheer number of choices can be dizzying!   And yes…some are better than others.

If you’re in the market for a new study bible to equip you for our January emphasis on getting into God’s word – you might enjoy a couple of insights and tips from Pastor Brian:

Choosing Your Bible from CTS Admin on Vimeo.

Though not the only great choice out there - one great option is the Lutheran Study Bible from Augsburg Fortress - but there are countless options. 

Looking for recommendations on a different option?  Pastor Brian or Pastor Todd would be happy to chat with you about how to choose a Study Bible you can depend on, and actually enjoy using!