Lent 2021 – Lament

Lament is a gift that people of faith often overlook. We sometimes live under the false pretense that because we have faith, we shouldn’t focus on our challenges, suffering and pain. But life is messy, and difficult times are simply part of the journey…a reality that has been painfully obvious over the course of the last year.

God’s people have utilized lament to be open and honest with God, themselves and one another for all of history. Lament is present throughout the pages of the Bible, providing excellent source material for engaging our own need to lament. 

Throughout the season of Lent, we will explore and engage lament as a form of prayer and an act of faith. This season will encourage our honesty and build up our faith as we risk authentic transparency before God, whose love never fails!

Daily Lenten Journey – The Book of Lamentations

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